Importance of Cabling?


Cabling – laying cable for security systems. We cannot stress enough the importance of cabling in a security system. Always make sure you assign a trustworthy installer to carry out this work. Good cabling will save you money and future maintenance work.

This is a very IMPORTANT part of any security project BUT most of the owners have zero interest in this area. In most projects, cabling material and labour takes up a major portion of your security system budget.  For certain projects, cabling work can even cost more than the actual security product. Products and technology are evolving fast and they have their life cycle but a good cabling system will last you for at least 20 years without further expenses spent on maintenance. Therefore, we use only premium brand such as All-Link (Taiwan), Belden (USA), Lapp (Germany) and Schneider (France) with our 16 years of cabling experience.