How to protect yourself with security systems and avoid being targeted?


Of course, the more we spend on security systems the more protection we get from those security technologies, but first of all, we have to make sure all the systems are used properly. Secondly, how do we avoid being targeted by those evil persons. Some people install the alarm system just to make themselves feel secure psychologically but don’t have the habit to activate their alarm system. Don’t be overconfident as you never know whether you will become one of the victims.

Alarms and CCTV systems are both important but we have to make things practical as well. If you are forgetful and cannot remember to activate your alarm, please install an IP module with your alarm system so you can remotely control the alarm system wherever you are using a simple phone application. Security systems are only automated to a certain extent, whether or not we get the full protection depends on how we choose to use it. Convenience = Practicality. People don’t like to use things that are inconvenient, so always think of a convenient way to use your security system and try to make it a habit. i.e. Activate the alarm system before you sleep, when everyone is out and when there are only kids at home.

Possessions that you think might be useless could be valuable to others. Avoid placing items on the car porch or any place that can easily be seen from outside the house. Not every thief is a professional, some just want to steal items that are easily obtained but there is a chance they might harm your family after they get in and get discovered. Some people do have a bad habit of not closing their gate when they are at home. Always close the gate after you enter the house. Robber is not a thief, they are not afraid of people.

For business premises, never open the roller shutter door halfway as this is very dangerous. Robbers target shops like this, knowing that they can easily close your shutter with their bare hands. Who is going to help if no one can see you from outside? Robbers will take their time to rob and perhaps even rape. We often suggest installing a panic button at the counter or at the back of the shop because it is not costly and can be very effective. The panic button is connected to a siren, which will trigger after pressing the button. Some robbers are not afraid of people but the high-decibel sounds of siren will make them nervous and scare them away. Be smart and act stupid. Tell them you can’t deactivate the siren due to accidental shut down of the roller shutter during working hours. This method is not to protect your property because insurance claim will take care of that, this is to protect everyone in the shop. Imagine how dangerous it could be after they close the roller shutter door – they could do anything they want inside the shop.