Some Basic Info about Security Systems


Let us guide you what is necessary and important. You can start to arrange your own security systems with the information given below.

So, how much we should spend on our security systems? Practically, we shouldn’t base on a figure but focus on what security systems we need but I will provide a guideline for those who totally have no idea how they should start. This is a statistic based on customer’s preference and satisfaction to their systems. Take klang valley as an example, property value in a new area, it is about 400k – 600k for a terrace house. Alarm and CCTV are the basics, usually a full alarm system with 3 to 4 cameras are needed for a terrace house. Products with full installation for both systems are about 4k – 6k. Compare the amount we spend on the security systems with our property value, it is about 1% of the property value. To be simple, 1% of the property value is a guideline for those who still wondering how much they should spend on a complete security system. This is a guideline for the house owner.

For business premises, please email or call us for advice because it really depends on the purposes of usage and structure of the building in order to provide the correct solutions.

Different area and different property need a different protection. The below information is just a reference to a basic setup of security systems on a different property.